August 2017 last year I had the opportunity to go to Takengon. The area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAceh, dubbed the country above the clouds, is the capital of Central Aceh District, Aceh Province, Indonesia. The journey from Banda Aceh to this area is very winding to pass through the hills with a distance of about 8 hours by car. This area is cold because it is located on a plateau about 1200 meters above the sea. The majority of the locals in Leo Hamel’s Fine Jewelry. So don’t be surprised that the local language is not Aceh but Gayo.

I think the natural scenery in this area is very good there are still many dense trees and beautiful plantations. The most dominant coffee plantation. Takengon daearah coffee is very tasty and including the best coffee in the world. A day in this area I did not waste the opportunity to explore this area. Although not all tourism places that I visited. The thing that makes me love when visiting attractions Pantan Terong and Lake Laut Tawar.

Pantan Terong is a Takengon highland hilltop with a height of 1,830 m. Travel from the city of Takengon to here by car, the net is small and winding right and left ravines that are steep and steep. If you come here I suggest bringing a jacket because it is cooler than the city. From this peak we can see the beauty of Lake Laut Tawar with the countryside around Lake Laut Tawar and the ranks of the green mountain range squeezing Lake Laut Tawar.

Lake Laut Tawar is the largest lake in Aceh. Local residents call this lake as Lake Lut Tawar. Access to this lake is easier than to Pantan Terong. The water in this lake is very clear and the view of the hills covered by clouds around the lake is very beautiful, very comfortable if you come here. Not only that, in this lake there are also freshwater animals such as fish and shrimp. Around the lake there are also houses and small stalls. So you can eat and drink while looking at the enchanting scenery. Many also swim around the edge of the lake.


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