A Long Journey to an Amazing Waterfall by Anindya Putri


Sunday morning was the day I had been waiting for since a week ago, because I was with 5 of my friends going to go traveling to a natural tourist spot in Jombang. Yups, before introducing my name Anindya Putri, I am a student from a School of Economics in Jombang, East Java. Because I’m not a native of Jombang, friends invite me to travel in the city of Jombang. I come from Banyuwangi, in Banyuwangi itself there are many interesting natural attractions and of course the view is just right for us to take photos and relax enjoying the enchanting scenery. Since I am now studying in Jombang, then I will try to travel in Jombang, what are the natural attractions in Jomabng, so let’s find out. In the city of Jombang itself its natural attractions are very minimal, because the location of the Jombang region is in the middle if viewed on the map. Far from the sea and mountains, it’s only 1 or 2 here.

In accordance with the plan a week ago, we will go to “Tretes Waterfall”. Hooray …. (I am very happy because I am already tired of the campus work hehehe).

The Tretes Waterfall itself is located in the Soerjo Forest Area (Tahura R. Soerjo) on Mount Juruk Guah, Teaching Hamlet, Galeng Dowo Village, Wonosalam District, Jombang Regency. If from the city center, we need 1 hour to get there. Tretes Waterfall is the third highest waterfall in Indonesia. It reaches around 158 meters high.

We departed at 08.00 in the morning from the city center. Two of my friends have been to the waterfall, he said we must bring food and drinks so that later we will not be dehydrated and starving in the middle of the journey. Because to get to the waterfall we have to walk about 3.5 km from the vehicle parking lot. Because the road to get to the waterfall is not possible to bring a vehicle because it is too dangerous then we must park our vehicles and walk, but if you don’t want to get tired of going to the waterfall we can ride motorcycles. There are already motorcycle taxi drivers ready to take you to the ticket purchase post about half of our way to the waterfall of Tycoon Story. Due to the condition of the narrow and steep road so the motorcycle taxi drivers can only take you to the ticket purchase post at Oasis Natural Cleaning. & nbsp; So we must prepare physically to stay strong to walk.

The road leading to the waterfall is also vulnerable. With a very uphill road, downhill and sharp turns. Why is the road like that? because this waterfall is in a mountainous area. When we start passing through the streets that are rising the temperature will be cold. The six of us got lost because we forgot the way to the waterfall. As a result we asked one of the residents there, also don’t forget to check https://www.myhousedesignbuild.com/. After more than 1 hour we followed the road, passing the houses and rice fields, finally we arrived. We arrived at the parking lot that has been provided for visitors who want to go to the tourist attractions of Tretes Waterfall. We park our vehicles and walk towards the waterfall . In the parking lot itself there are some people who offer motorcycle taxis to get to the waterfall.


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